Every £600 loan we issue keeps £500 in our local Stroud economy

That’s a bold claim, but £500 is a typical interest charged on some instant decision small loans advertised on the TV and Internet. This means you might borrow £600 but end up repaying £1,100!

The second Stroud Totally Locally Fiver Fest has just ended. This said that if every adult in Stroud spent just £5 a week in our independent shops and businesses it would be worth an extra £4.5m a year going into our local economy.

Many of us go to the Internet because we think its cheaper. Well, that same £600 borrowed from Stroud Valleys Credit Union would cost you £123 in interest as a “Starter Loan” or £47 in interest as a “Savers Loan” Sometimes, local is also less expensive.

So next time before you search the internet for a small loan or spend a large sum on your on your credit card, click on svcu.org.uk. It could save you money and it will benefit Stroud.