Volunteer(s) needed!

We are recruiting for a volunteer Social Media Manager! 

We at Stroud Valleys Credit Union are looking for a volunteer during a busy summer, who has taken an interest in social media and what impacts it can have on a small business. This role is part-time with flexible hours, initially to end of September.

However, they are welcome to stay on and volunteer for other positions within our business. The main role for our social media manager would be to lead on the development of a social media strategy for our credit union and to organise promotional campaigns to raise awareness of our union and its services. However, our social media manager will also get involved in all aspects of the credit union and its members to give and collect content for our posts.

Volunteering can greatly benefit the community, the business and most importantly, YOU! 

The day to day duties include:

  • To maintain content on the Stroud Valleys Credit Union’s website.

  • To create regular communication bulletins to our members and volunteers .

  • To maintain a presence on social media including Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to have an informal chat please do not hesitate to email us on admin@svcu.org.uk

The Credit Union Team