Volunteer(s) needed!

We are recruiting for a volunteer Social Media Manager! 

We at Stroud Valleys Credit Union are looking for a volunteer during a busy summer, who has taken an interest in social media and what impacts it can have on a small business. This role is part-time with flexible hours, initially to end of September.

However, they are welcome to stay on and volunteer for other positions within our business. The main role for our social media manager would be to lead on the development of a social media strategy for our credit union and to organise promotional campaigns to raise awareness of our union and its services. However, our social media manager will also get involved in all aspects of the credit union and its members to give and collect content for our posts.

Volunteering can greatly benefit the community, the business and most importantly, YOU! 

The day to day duties include:

  • To maintain content on the Stroud Valleys Credit Union’s website.

  • To create regular communication bulletins to our members and volunteers .

  • To maintain a presence on social media including Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to have an informal chat please do not hesitate to email us on admin@svcu.org.uk

The Credit Union Team 

May Newsletter

I hope that you are all still keeping safe and well.

Tell us what you want from your Credit Union

We are seeing the shops and businesses in the town start to open up again and want your view on opening our branch counter more often. At the moment, we open between 11am and 1pm on a Monday for pre-booked appointments. In the background we are still working as normal so you can still phone or email on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays but you can’t visit. What times and days would you like us to open? Or, have you switched to managing your money on-line or by phone now? If so, what should we be working on to give you the service you want? This is a brilliant opportunity to think about our Credit Union for the future and how you, our members want it to look. Please send any ideas and suggestions to news@svcu.org. We will come back to you in a couple of weeks with the outcome.

Provident ends doorstep lending

Recently, Provident Financial announced its intention to withdraw from the doorstep lending market. Many users or potential users of this service in the Stroud area may, in the future, be looking for alternative sources of small loans. For many, Stroud Valleys Credit Union will be able to meet their needs. Our credit union provides personal loans, often on better terms than they have been used to in the past and we would be delighted to welcome new members. So if you know any long standing Provident customers who are impacted by this news, please let them know we are here.

Current vacancies

We recently posted an advertisement for a volunteer Social Media Manager. In a modern credit union, more and more communication with existing and potential members is done this way. We are heading into a busy summer of news from SVCU, so we would like someone with the right skills and interest to take this role on for a few months. The right person might be someone trying to make digital marketing their career but lacks the work experience to secure their dream job. Alternatively, it might be an experienced marketing and publicity person looking to give something back to the community. Hope is leading this recruitment for us after joining herself as a volunteer following a work experience placement from SGS College. If you know someone who might be interested, please ask them to email Hope via admin@svcu.org and she will be in touch.

We are still on the lookout for an additional Board member, particularly one with an accountancy background, so if you know anyone they should get in touch in the same way.

If neither of these roles are for you but want to be involved, get in touch for a chat anyway.

Andy Moy, SVCU Chairman

2021 Lockdown

During the current lockdown, the office will only be open on Mondays. If you wish to visit the office in person, you will need to arrange an appointment by phone or email . You can still contact us by phone or email and apply for loans online.

As soon as the situation changes, we will make any new arrangements clear on the home page of the website and via our Facebook page.

UPDATE 28th March 2020

Update: 28th March 2020 Sorry we are unable to open today as our volunteer is self isolating. COVID 19 means we need to change how we work to keep our members, staff and volunteers safe. We have decided that the Stroud Office will not be open and occupied until the current situation improves. We will start homeworking over the coming days. Please use the normal phone number or email address and it will be redirected. Please also delay posting anything to us until the office is re-occupied and particularly please don’t put cash or cheques in an envelope through the door as they will sit there until we re-open. If you are in doubt, please phone us. We thank you for your patience. Email – Admin@svcu.org.uk Phone – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between 11am and 1pm on 01453 298785 Website – the information you need may be on our website. https://svcu.org.uk/ We will be working hard to keep this up to date. Organisations everywhere have been updating their information and here is some you may find useful. The Gloucestershire Community help hub is a useful starting point if you want, or can offer help. https://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/gloucestershires-community-help-hub/ The Government’s Money and Pensions advice service have published information that could help a lot of members who might experience financial difficulties in the next few months. https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/coronavirus-and-your-money https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/coronavirus-what-it-means-for-you

Every £600 loan we issue keeps £500 in our local Stroud economy

That’s a bold claim, but £500 is a typical interest charged on some instant decision small loans advertised on the TV and Internet. This means you might borrow £600 but end up repaying £1,100!

The second Stroud Totally Locally Fiver Fest has just ended. This said that if every adult in Stroud spent just £5 a week in our independent shops and businesses it would be worth an extra £4.5m a year going into our local economy.

Many of us go to the Internet because we think its cheaper. Well, that same £600 borrowed from Stroud Valleys Credit Union would cost you £123 in interest as a “Starter Loan” or £47 in interest as a “Savers Loan” Sometimes, local is also less expensive.

So next time before you search the internet for a small loan or spend a large sum on your on your credit card, click on svcu.org.uk. It could save you money and it will benefit Stroud.