New website

If you have visited us before you will hopefully have noticed that the website looks different! Our IT volunteers have developed a new site which should be easier to use especially for phones and tablets. The new site has been built using mostly free WordPress tools, we spent less than £100 on some essentials to make the site work as we wanted. We hope you like it. If you have any comments or suggestions please let us know, we will do what we can to improve the site where needed.

Savings scheme

Special savings scheme

Open a savings account with us and save at least £10 a month for 3 months and you will get £25 added to your account for free!
This scheme is available to the first 50 people living and/or working in Stroud district and Tetbury who open a new savings account (excluding junior savers’ accounts) with Stroud Valleys Credit Union between 1st November 2019 until (including) 31st January 2020.

So where does this £25 come from?

• For 2019, Stroud Valleys Credit Union has again partnered with the England Illegal Money Lending Team to offer this special savings scheme with a £25 bonus, free of charge.
• This appealing windfall comes from money confiscated from loan sharks by the Illegal Money Lending Team who want to use the proceeds of crime to raise awareness of the dangers of using loan sharks and to encourage people in Stroud district to save – especially as Christmas is now less than 100 days away!
• A quick response to this offer means new savers will find they are saving a lump sum that could help them stay out of debt. An account opened will provide a welcome sum when the full cost of this annual event makes paying post-Christmas bills difficult.