Junior Savers

childrens accounts

Open a Junior Savers account for your children. Get them into the saving habit and teach them to put some of their pocket money and birthday money into their accounts.

They can then have the enjoyment of buying things that they want and learn to manage money.

How it works

  • Children under the age of 16 can become Junior Savers if they live or attend school in the common bond area (Stroud District and Tetbury).
  • Their parent or guardian can open a savings account.
  • Money can be paid in or withdrawn by the person who set up the account.
  • The person opening the account must provide proof of identity and address unless they are members of Stroud Valleys Credit Union.
  • An account can be opened by downloading the application form below, filling in the details and taking it to one of our branches/collection points (see Contact page for locations).

Junior Savers application form
Download: Junior saver’s membership application