How to Register for the Special General Meeting

We will be using the GoTo Webinar platform for the meeting, hosted by ABCUL, the Association of British Credit Unions. ABCUL have hosted a number of AGMs & SGM’s for other credit unions across the UK over recent weeks, so everything is tried and tested!

Attending the meeting

Please click on the link below to ‘register’ with ABCUL before the meeting. This link will have also been in the letter we emailed or posted to you.

If you are following the link in the email and you registered to attend our AGM back in February then some of the details below may already be completed for you
Simply enter your First Name, Last Name, Email & Membership Number, as on the screenshot below, then press the blue ‘Register’ button. All done! There is no cost to taking part.


If you don’t know your Membership Number then it will be on the statement we sent you in February. Alternatively, you can phone us on 01453 298785 or email and we will look it up for you.
You will receive a confirmation email immediately, from Jackie Littlewood at ABCUL, with a link to join the meeting. We will also send you a reminder on the day including the link to join. Here is what the email will look like: