New Members

Thank you for selecting to join our credit union!

As SVCU will be merging with Great Western Credit Union early in 2022, you now have the choice of joining either credit union.

You can join Great Western Credit Union as either a new saver or apply to be a new borrower right away, but you won’t be able to use our Stroud branch office until the merger is complete. Everything will be on-line only until then, but that may work best for you anyway.


Join Stroud Valleys Credit Union if you want to start saving and prefer to deal with us locally face to face or on the phone. Home banking will be available to you after the merger is complete. Note, you have to save with Stroud Valleys Credit Union for 3 months before you can apply for your first loan.


As our products are slightly different you may want to check out both credit unions to decide which suits you best at the moment. After merger all products and services will be aligned.