Low cost ethical loans

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If you need a loan and you live or work in Stroud District or the Tetbury area, come to Stroud Valleys Credit Union. Don’t go to a payday lender!

Here are three good reasons to borrow from your local credit union:

1. Loans with Stroud Valleys Credit Union are low cost – much more affordable than a payday loan. Interest rates range between 0.65% and 3% per month (8%–42.6% APR).

2. Loans with a credit union are ethical. Credit unions are set up to help people like you – not to make as much money out of you as possible! We will only lend to you if you can afford the repayments. There are no hidden charges and no penalties if you repay the loan early.

3. Loans with a credit union encourage regular saving. You have to join Stroud Valleys Credit Union to get a loan. (This is easy to do.) Being a member means that you get into the habit of regular saving.

So if you need a loan for one of life’s essentials, don’t go to a payday lender. That is a sure way to get into further debt. Instead, check out our rates of interest below.


Shantel Price, mother of five, is a council tenant who always comes to Stroud Valleys Credit Union when she needs a loan. Shantel says:

“I’ve got myself into a lot of trouble with banks in the past, not being able to pay back my overdraft. I also got into terrible difficulties when I went with a loan shark – and the doorstep lender I used charged an extortionate interest rate.

At Stroud Valleys Credit Union the interest rate is very reasonable. I always save with them as well, and that gives me a better rate. And they are very understanding and weigh up everyone’s situation. The staff are so friendly and welcoming.”

Get a loan to suit your needs. There are two types of loan available:

Standard loans are available to members who have been saving with us for at least three months. The amount of the loan is related to the amount of savings that you have with us.
More on Standard loans.

Ready loans are available to existing members and new members. The amount of the loan is not dependent on any savings you may have.
More on Ready loans.