Manage your money – FREE workshops

Do you have a problem with money?

Would you like to manage your money better? And feel more confident about dealing with money, and talking to partners or professionals about money? Then the exciting new FREE money management course called Manage your Money is for you!

The award-winning Manage your Money course is occasionally run by specially trained volunteers from Stroud Valleys Credit Union in Stroud. Not only is it FREE, but a grant towards child care expenses is available.

What the course covers

Made of Money provides a non-judgemental, safe, interactive and fun space in which to build up your confidence and skills so that you can manage your financial affairs more effectively. Through a mixture of small group activities and exercises, games and problem-solving, the keys to financial control are put into your pocket.

Week 1: Introduction
Week 2: Budgeting
Week 3: Credit
Week 4: Debt
Week 5: Communication
Week 6: Children and Money


The Manage your Money course can have a profound effect on how individuals feel about their financial situation. Surveys between 2012 and 2014 found that after attending the course:

  • 96% felt more in control of their finances
  • 93% were better off
  • 94% reported feeling less stressed / anxious about money
  • 91% felt more confident to deal with banks and other authorities

(This survey is of the Made of Money course, run in London. Our Manage your Money course is exactly the same as Made of Money.)

“I am more willing to have a money conversation with my husband now, and we discuss expenses with our child.”

“I was worried it would be just like school but I felt so relaxed, we all support each other and I made some good friends.”

“I enjoyed the course very much. Thank you for making it so interesting.”

The next Manage your Money course

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For information and booking contact Stroud Valleys Credit Union: 01453 298785,