Members paper loan application

You can apply for a loan from Stroud Valleys Credit Union using our loan application form which you can obtain by:

  1. Visiting one of our customer service points 

  2. Downloading  the Loan application form

  3. Asking our office to send one in the post (tel: 01453 298785 or email

If you apply using our paper form you can return this

You will also need to provide documents to support your application. These are

  • Current account or post office account statements covering the last 2 months.

  • Evidence of any income or expenditure not shown on the bank statements e.g loan repayments, pay slips

  • Any paperwork regarding bankruptcy, County Court Judgement etc. (relevant letters, certificates of satisfaction)

  • Evidence of any other debts or bills (if your loan is to repay these)

  • If the loan is for a rent deposit, details of where you are moving to, and the landlord/agency details

Please bring any other relevant paperwork about your income and your outgoings. The more evidence we have of your circumstances, the quicker we will be able to make a decision about your loan application. If you are applying to join Stroud Valleys Credit Union at the same time as applying for a loan, an additional application form is required, with documents of identification, e.g. passport

Lack of any of these documents will slow up the decision-making process so please check you supply everything that’s required.

All applicants are credit checked, but if you’ve been in difficulties in the past, it won’t necessarily stop you having a loan – just give us full details on the application form.

Once a loan is granted, you’ll be required to sign a loan agreement form in person at one of our customer service points. This is a legally binding document in which you promise to repay the loan in full and on time.