SVCU members survey June 2020

SVCU is a co-operative run by its members for its members. To ensure we stay focussed on what you want in the coming year we have written a few questions to help.

Please answer questions honestly and personally. All responses are anonymous so please be as open as you feel able. We may summarise comments in a future report to members but we won’t quote anyone word for word.

The questions are a mix of multiple choice and free text. Please click on one of the multiple choice options then say why you selected the option you did in the text box.

Thank you for your support.

How easy is it to get information about your own account and other SVCU products?

How do prefer to deal with us? (it may be visiting the branch or collection point, web site, phone, email or a mix)

What would make it easier for you personally to access information?

Does having an account with SVCU encourage you to save regularly?

What would encourage you to save more regularly into your SVCU account?

If you needed to borrow money, would you consider a loan from SVCU?

What would make you more likely to choose an SVCU loan?

How confident would you be recommending SVCU to friends and family?

What would make you more confident to tell others about SVCU?

If we offered more information and training on managing your money, would you be interested?

If you said Yes or Depends, is there anything you would like to to include?

If we could introduce one new product or service in the coming year just for you, what would it be?