Problems with your repayments

Problems With Your Repayment?

We are here to support you, especially if you are having trouble repaying your loan.

We understand that there are circumstances when you might not be able to afford a payment. If you having problems please talk to us as soon as possible.We will work with you to try and resolve the situation. If necessary we will work with you to agree a new repayment schedule.

Please remember that your actions affect other members

When you borrow from us, you are borrowing from other members in the credit union. We therefore have a responsibility to ensure your payments are maintained. We will make every effort to understand your problem, and we will try to reschedule your payments so that you can continue with your loan. To just stop paying off your loan is not only unfair to other members, it is dangerous for you. Missed payments can lead to a worsening spiral of debt.

Our first step will be to work with you to define a manageable repayment schedule. If this cannot be done you can get help from charitable debt agencies such as Citizens Advice Bureau, StepChange and Christians Against Poverty.