Safe, secure, ethical savings

Safe, secure and ethical saving
Stroud Valleys Credit Union provides a secure and simple way for you to save your money.

  • Your money is safe. Savings of up to £85,000 are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
  • Your savings can grow. A dividend is paid at the end of each financial year.
  • Your money stays in the local community, to be used for the benefit of people like you.
  • Your money can be accessed easily.

You can view  the Financial Services Compensation Scheme information sheet here.

An easy way to save

Having a credit union account is a safe and easy way to save regularly. Even with a modest amount saved each week/month your savings will mount up surprisingly quickly.

There are many reasons why you might want to save money. Maybe you’re saving to pay your car tax. Or in case your boiler breaks down. Or maybe you’re saving for something special like a family holiday.

Whatever it might be, we all save money to be in control of our finances, so we are ready for a rainy day.

The easiest way to save is to arrange a standing order from your current account. Please contact the office if you want to do this and collect a standing order form. Or you could download the form at the bottom of this page (remember to add your member number to the SVCU reference). Alternatively you can make payments in person at one of our branches/collection points.

Accessing your savings

To access your savings (also called ‘shares’) you need to fill in a share withdrawal form (which can be downloaded) and send it into the office or take it into one of the branches/collection points. You can be paid by BACS or cheque within 7 days.

There will probably be times when you need more money than you have in your savings, or you may wish to keep your savings intact. You can then apply for a low interest loan.

Forms to download
Share withdrawal form

Standing order form