Starter Loan

Starter loans are for new members and existing members who would like to borrow more than they can with a savers loan

  • A loan for new and existing members.
  • Interest is based on the amount you borrow
  • No fees, early repayment charges or penalties
  • Payments made by standing order

To be eligible to apply for a Starter Loan, we ask that you:

  • have sufficient disposable income
  • have a good credit history: verification of identity and address, no CCJs or IVAs in the last 3 years, no bad or defaulted debts in the last 2 years and not an undischarged bankrupt
  • have a good record of paying back previous loans

For loans over £2,500, we ask that you also:

  • have a minimum household income of £18,000 mainly from employment or pension.
  • have lived at your current address for at least 2 years
  • have no adverse credit findings for at least 3 years
  • are up-to-date with any existing or previous loans
  • will repay installments by standing order (unless cash repayments on previous loans were made with no defaults).
Use the loan calculator below to get an estimate of how much interest you may pay (for illustration purposes only)Starter

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We can lend up to £7,500 and the interest rate depends upon how much you borrow:

£100-£1,499: interest rate is 3%/month (42.6% APR)

£1,500-£2,499: interest rate is 2%/month (26.8% APR)

£2,500-£4,999: interest rate is 1.5%/month (19.56% APR)

£5,000-£7,500: interest rate is 1.25%/month (15% APR)

Starter Loan

£100 £7500
12 month36 months
Your repayments are every month at
Total you will Pay: