Volunteering with SVCU

There are lots of different ways to get involved

Some of the work is behind the scenes, carrying out the vital day-to-day running of the credit union. Some of it is with customers, such as helping at a branch/collection point. And there are voluntary roles that include helping with strategic development, IT, publicity and fundraising.

These are some of the teams at Stroud Valleys Credit Union:

Board of Directors – There are 12 members on the Board who meet once a month. They manage the credit union and are responsible to the members, the PRA and the FCA.

Treasury team – Responsible for the accounts, keeping record of all transactions on the computer, receiving and paying out cheques, liaising with the auditors etc.

Credit Committee – Receives requests from members for loans. The team satisfies themselves that the loan is safe to make, agrees the amount of and period of the repayments and then processes the loan.

Internal Audit team – Our internal auditors are responsible for ensuring that the credit union is run properly according to the rules.

IT team – They look after our computer system and work on improving the technology we use to make it easier for our members to access and manage their savings and loans.

Cashiers team – This is the front line of the volunteers. They man the branches/collection points: taking in the savings, paying out withdrawals and loans, enrolling new members.

Publicity and Marketing committee – They promote the credit union in the media, including the social media, and publicise specific events and initiatives.

Training – Some volunteers prepare training programmes and organise training sessions for volunteers, covering all aspects of the business.

Make a difference to your local community

If you would like to help people manage their money or climb out of a financial hole, then please do get in touch. Whatever your skills and however much time you have available, there is a role to suit you.
Please phone us or send us a message on the Contact page.